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The MYTI club will be closed until further notice due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We apologise for any Inconvenience and hope you understand we are following National guidelines and supporting social distancing to stop the spread. As a result there will not be an Easter Holidays programme.  Watch this space for when we can And will reopen.

For help and support with mental Health and anxiety please see the following links:

Mood Juice - NHS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy worksheets to help with anxiety, stress, and more.


Children & Young People Haven is a mental Health support group in Surrey specifically for young people from the age of 10:


Surrey County Council Family Information service directory will have all you need to find out who can help you in Surrey:


If you need to make a referral for/to childrens services please use the following link

Children's Single Point of Access (C-SPA)

The C-SPA is based at County Hall and acts as the front door to children's services in Surrey.

The C-SPA provides residents and people who work with children in Surrey with direct information, advice and guidance about where and how to find the appropriate support for children and families.

Availability: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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