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The MYTI Club is now a charity

John Kemp

24 Mar 2023

We are please to report that the Charity Commission has now registered The MYTI Club as a charity.

This should help us with our fund-raising activities but also means we must be better organised with our processes and procedures.

We now have four trustees who  are responsible for running the club, a bit like the board of directors of a company.

Tony Britto

Tony is the founder of The MYTI Club and, up to now, has financed the club from his own resources. He is well a well known local businessman in the area and believes passionately in the club’s goals to improve the lives of young people in Preston

Jeff Harris

 Jeff is an ex-Surrey County Councillor, senior police office and Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey. He is joint Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Land & City Families Trust.

Jo Davey

Jo has been a foster carer for many years with children who visit the Club. Through her work with local schools she is experienced in safeguarding requirements and managing the wellbeing of children with physical and mental issues.

Emma Minter

Emma is an accountant but originally followed a career with horses, at one time training police horses.​

She decided she needed a more "stable" career and retrained as an accountant. She has three sons and lives in Dorking.


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